Announcement: Scoutman!
Many of you have heard a little bit about what my current side project is, but I haven’t really given a whole lot of details. Now is the time to fill you all in on the fun and exciting project I am currently working on!
The game is called Scoutman. It is based on the Team Fortress 2 characters, and is a port of the classic 8-bit Megaman games. I have teamed with some old and new associates to bring this game to internet browsers world wide via Flash. The game will be totally free, and is simply a fan made game. The entire team are huge fans of both of the franchises involved. Flash is the only real option for release that allows us to give it to anyone that is interested without charging a cent (both for legal, and our satisfaction purposes). We just want everyone that enjoys either of these games to see and have fun with them in a new light.
The basic premise of the game is that you are the Scout from TF2, and you must defeat the 8 robot masters (the other 8 TF2 characters): Medic Man, Sniper Man, Demo Man, Heavy Man, Soldier Man, Spy Man, Pyro Man, Engy Man (Engineer)
The game will play just like the 8-bit iterations of the Megaman series (or the newer iterations if you are familiar with them). We aim to stay very true to the Megaman series, and make the level design, enemies, bosses, and mechanics mirror those games.  We are designing the mechanics and game as a team in whole, but have divided up the core tasks according to talents, let me introduce the team:
Sean, otherwise known as Agent Midnight, is doing the art for the game. He is the one that gave birth to this idea with some art he worked on. He took the time to make the TF2 characters, into Megaman style bosses... with that the idea was born. That story got some wind on Kotaku (Link here), and many people demanded it be turned into a full game. You can keep up with Sean’s doings through his Deviant Art page located here:
Nick is doing our programing. I have worked with Nick before at Sensory Sweep. We developed the Tale of Despereaux game together. He is the one who brought me onto this project. You can follow Nick on Twitter Here.
Dave is working on our audio.. with a Megaman game, must come great music. Dave does great work, and I have seen it in action on the XBLIG game I released a few months back, Truth or Treason. Dave’s website can be at
I am doing the Level Design for the game, and am extremely excited about that. Megaman games are truly classic levels, and allow the designer to construct these independent little worlds. I am very much looking forward to the planning, brainstorming, and implementation of all of these unique character levels... which leads me to my next point.
As I go through the process of making this game, I am going to update my blog regularly, specifically with what thoughts are going through my head for the various stages. I hope this will give everyone an insight into the design process, as well as give you great updates on where each stage, and the game in whole are headed. These updates may include the look and feel of the levels, what type of flow and layout it has, what enemies might make a showing... even what the Robot Master might have up his sleeve. I hope anyone interested will bookmark the blog and check back often for the latest news.
We anticipate wrapping up the project by years end. I look forward to the development process, and cant wait to start giving regular updates as to how it is going. In hopes of getting you all as excited as me, here are a few shots of what we have thus far:
Wednesday, August 4, 2010