Scene It!
I love movies, I love trivia… Seemed like a great choice. I played two iterations of this franchise, and they were surprisingly starkly different from one another in many ways. The first I played was “Box Office Smash”…
“Box Office Smash” used the Xbox avatars, which was very nice for this type of game. Takes one of my favorite aspects of the Wii and applies it to the Xbox. This ability to add your personality and flair to an in game character is great for creating a fun experience. This is amplified in any sort of “competition” style game… Having my avatar doing a “Winner” dance is infinitely more rewarding that a generic character that I have no association with. The drawback to this iteration was the number of questions. After playing 2-3 rounds, I started to see repeat questions, this brought the re-playability way down. It became unenjoyable after a few competitive rounds. This was especially true in online play, where it became evident that the competition wasn’t about movie knowledge, but how many rounds you have played (some players could answer correctly without even hearing the end of the question on a regular basis).
The next version I played of this franchise was “Bright Lights, Big Screen”.  This game, although being released after B.O.S., went back to generic characters… no more avatars. This was much less rewarding. But in running through 8-10 games I had yet to see a repeat question. One step forward, One step back it seems. The categories and style of gameplay are very very similar between the two. There were some different game modes catering to single players, but those were not very intriguing to me (I like to play competitive games against real people). This leads me to my top complaint… No Xbox Live play?!? This game did not offer the ability to find a match via Xbox Live; all competition has to happen locally. This is a huge fail for a competitive game in my opinion. When we made Truth or Treason we had the same conversation, and I am still a little upset we couldn’t get the online play working. The team agreed it was needed and would be great, but being a 48 hour project, and not having the network programming experience to pull it off we couldn’t make it happen… and that has always been a regret of mine.
Thursday, July 1, 2010