Having always loved the movies and cartoon as a child I was excited to see this franchise get the game it deserved. It should be noted that I played the Xbox 360 version, as the Wii version is much different (cartoon style, different gameplay… I will talk about that choice in a bit). The first great choice I think the designers made here was to make your playable character a “New guy”. Rather than putting you in the shoes of one of the already memorable Ghostbusters. This allows you to project yourself and your personality a little bit more (Gordan Freeman effect as I like to call it).
The game includes all the mechanics I was excited for, and more! Using the ghost traps, paranormal scanners, and fantastic guns (Don’t cross the streams!) was all very rewarding. Even more great gadgets were added to make it even better. All of these mechanics were combined with unique and exciting action gameplay. The scenarios were very high tension, and I was very pleased with the pace and style of the game.
The choice to make basically different games for the Wii and 360/PS3 was a fantastic call. Knowing that the processing power as well as demographic of the systems was fairly different, the development team took the time to make very different experiences. I feel that trying to cram a good experience into a system that just can’t take it comes across poorly every time. When working on Tale of Despereaux we had the same problem. We designed for the best system (360 for us), and then found ourselves struggling to cram that experience into the weakest system (in this case the PS2). The PS2 and Wii releases struggled and were much less enjoyable. Unfortunately for us, with the bankruptcy of Brash Entertainment right before release, the 360 version never saw the light of day (despite passing certification). The public only got to play the far inferior PS2 and Wii versions… very very sad.
Sunday, June 20, 2010