Interesting that this game came right after Wolverine and LEGO Batman… Because it feels to be almost a mixture of the two. Solid fast paced fighting and action like Wolverine, with the puzzle and character management of LEGO Batman. Switching Turtles was fast, and easy to do, but the fighting was almost to much of simple button mashing to make a difference. The movement mechanics were different, and switching characters for that was a fun puzzle and challenge. But combat I found myself going back to Donatello constantly (Childhood favorite combined with a longer “reach”).
The story flowed well, and the level choices seemed pretty fluid. Like Wolverine they got a lot out of the level real estate. The use of winding paths help make the levels long enough to be fun, but not art or memory intensive.
Overall a fun play, but if it were any longer than it was (which is fairly short), I feel the repetitive and tedious nature of things would have taken over.
Monday, May 10, 2010