X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Long Live The True Action Game!!! Having really enjoyed Dante’s Inferno, and always being a Marvel fan (X-Men in particular) a friend recommended this game to me. This game goes back to almost arcade roots with its button mashing, enemy slicing, and special move launching action. In the vein of say God of War or Dante’s Inferno this game delivers a fast paced enemy slaughter-fest (Just like a Wolverine game should, I think). The depth is there for those that want it in the form of collectables and level up systems, but this game can be enjoyed by anyone that likes the Marvel name, and/or just wants to bash stuff up.

The game uses a great level up system that allows you to customize exactly what powers Logan can master. If you find an ability you like, it can become a go to move by powering it up all the way. You can choose your strengths to match your play style. This is broken up from being tedious (for me at least) by making achievements for using all the various moves. Rather than sloshing through the game using a single mechanic, I felt almost obligated to put points into them all so that I could both get the achievement, and make Wolverine feel a  bit more like Wolverine.
Level Design here is great. They take a seemingly small space and with triggers and events wind your way through it in varying directions, or on different tiers. This allows a longer level as far as play time is concerned, but requires far less art and memory consumption to load… Very solid way to build levels.
The game kept me interested, and had me always trying to come up with new move chains that looked awesome, or dealt ridiculous damage. I loved some of the hidden Easter eggs, including the hatch from LOST and the Cake from Portal. These were very fun additions to a great game.
Friday, April 30, 2010