I’m Back!
Three and a half years is a long time! And a lot can happen in that time...
With that said, I aim to get back to keeping this design blog back on track. The blog may contain design thoughts/ramblings, training concepts I have come across, reviews of various products I have used (software, games, anything with great design), or more. Before I dive back into the blog, I would like to better explain the hiatus.
From the last blog post made, I have been through a lot of changes in my life. The major ones are my marriage to my beautiful wife! With that came the honor of two amazing step kids! In addition to that, my wife and I have had another baby of our own! Anyone who has kids knows how much of your free time (AKA blog time) disappears when you have kids. But I wouldn't trade it for the world.
I that same 3+ years, i have changed companies 3 time (not including my side job of teaching). I went from software QA, to Facebook game design, to AAA game QA, back to software QA, and finally into software design! My love will always be design, and I am ecstatic to be back in that field. And if I can help it, I never want to leave!
Lastly, one of those company changes was me working for Electronic Arts... Yeah, THAT Electronic Arts! With that, came a pretty strict non-compete clause. Thus any discussion of games, designs, ideas, or anything resembling a unique thought could in theory be considered property of EA. For that reason I simply ignored my blog. Now that I am away from that, I intend to start blogging again.
I look forward to getting back into it, and have a lot of loose ideas to refine and formulate to get on here. Be prepared for some interesting topics and concepts.
Thanks for reading!
Wednesday, March 5, 2014