Fight Night 3
This felt at first to be your typical boxing game, but there is one thing that jumped out to me, something I didn’t even notice when first starting to play (which to me makes it a GREAT thing). No Heads Up Display! This game while in a fight has no life bars, no score meters, no annoying pop ups telling me what I could and should do. It is me and my opponent (and the announcers of course). Like I said, this went unnoticed for hours, which tells me it was done well. I never felt I needed those elements. My life was conveyed with my boxers body language and announcer commentary. In a real boxing match there are none of these things, and I think the developers did a great job making this work fluidly in this game.
The game play itself was slightly lack luster, and playing through the ranks seemed to get boring fast… This may be due to the multiplayer nature of these games. I would guess that much more time was spent balancing the multiplayer mode than creating an engaging single player experience… understandable.
Overall, an interesting game for a few hours… but the solution for conveying critical information is ingenious, definitely worth checking out for that reason alone. I would love to see more games go to this model. Not just sports or simulation games. It would be interesting to see this pulled off properly in a HUD heavy game (FPS or RPG)… Whether or not that is possible would be a fun and exciting challenge
Friday, May 21, 2010