LEGO Batman
Lego Batman is one of those games that attack the collection junkie in me. Like all LEGO games it uses the "Percentage Complete" model in addition to simply completing the story. This is combined with a HUGE list of unlockable vehicles, characters, costumes, levels, etc… It leaves me wanting to play the game more and more even if I have already gotten the entire story.
The various characters all play very different, combining different moves and abilities with a full change in mechanics sets. Some are brute force characters with the ability to break or throw things; others are finesse characters with a higher jump or movement rate. No matter what style I prefer there is a character to match it… Very solid mechanics for each of the characters
The level design in this game is very clever. Every level has nooks and crannies to hide LEGO pieces or other hidden treasures. And most levels require multiple play throughs to get them all (sometimes even 5-6 plays). Because each character has different abilities you must remember where you saw a hidden area, and what mechanic you need to get there… This goes even further when the mechanic needed is not an obvious one. You find yourself swapping in and out characters trying to find the right one. The reward for getting that right combination is very rewarding.
Although the game was designed for a younger audience, I found myself very compelled to finish the experience, and the design elements are extremely sound.
Thursday, April 15, 2010