Truth or Treason Goes LIVE!!!!
After almost a month in the Peer Review process, Truth or Treason went LIVE today! You can view the game at the link below:
You can also purchase it to your XBox 360 from that page, or search it out on the XBox Live Marketplace in the Independent Games Section. All of the proceeds for the game are going to be donated to the Child’s Play Charity, and the game only costs $1. I highly suggest you help a great cause, by buying a fun and simple party game. The game’s description is as follows:
Outwit your friends to collect treasure in this re-imagination of Rock, Paper, Scissors...     Best of five wins! Tell the truth, or lie to your opponent about your intentions by disguising your Knight, Wizard, or Rogue. Makes a great and simple party game! Originally created in 48 hours for the 2010 Global Game Jam, with help from a lot of coffee. All proceeds go to the Child's Play Charity.
Thanks to everyone who helped get the game through, and even more thanks to those who purchase the game and help an amazing charity!
Thursday, April 1, 2010