Dante’s Inferno
I have been intrigued with the idea of this game since the first developer diary video almost a year ago. The more I watched of these videos, the more intrigued I was. I have yet to purchase a PS3, and had a fear that God of War III would be the game that made me do that, and thus be considered a $250 game. Then I started seeing Dante’s Inferno clips. Could this be the game that saves me that money and quenches my God of War desires?
It did exactly that. And actually I enjoyed its mechanics a little more that GoW. The good vs. evil mechanic is done very cleanly, and allows players to feel like each and every enemy they absolve or punish has a purpose towards that goal. In GoW I started to feel that the onslaught of enemies had no reason, and the smashing through them was just to kill time. In Dante’s each enemy I destroyed felt like a step toward my holy or unholy path (My first play through was Holy).
The puzzles, and fighting are very similar to GoW... But the “magic” powers seemed quite fresh and different. As someone who likes a little more strategy with their action game, I enjoyed trying to find those winning combinations of magic and melee. This created a depth to combat that I greatly enjoyed.
Another great thing about this game is the large amount of hidden nooks and crannies. I am all about collection mechanics. This game had more secret items, and bonuses to collect than a Pokemon game, and was very to try and navigate my way to each.
One thing I did notice about a month after release was the ability to buy “souls” for Microsoft Points on LIVE. I wondered if people really needed to do this? I found myself after just one play through completely full on Holy powers, and 3/4 full on Unholy powers. Thought this was an interesting idea from EA. I am wondering if this method was effective in any way. Seems more like a way to make easy money without any content... which usually end up going nowhere.
Overall, a very solid design, and extremely entertaining game.
Monday, March 1, 2010