LOST: Via Domus
Being a fan of the television series (and easy achievements), I felt compelled to give this game a try. Not a lot to say here… This game was obviously rushed out the door, and the developers didn’t have a lot to work with. We have all been handed these kinds of circumstances… Build a game in half the time it would take to regularly build a quality game. For the time and budget the Developers were working with here, I think they did capture some great things.
The developers did implement some very interesting and fun mechanics (Taking Pictures, use of Light/Dark for caves, Fuse Box Puzzles). These were done in a way that fit the story, and they had gameplay to match them well and make it fun.
The story telling was interesting and new, using flashback system in-between chapters. These flashbacks are short, and utilize a black and white fuzziness to break them apart from the other gameplay. They feel refreshing and offer a good break from the normal running around the island.
Where this game goes awry is the little details and polish that come with a longer development timeline. Animations are clunky, and VO is plain horrible at times. This game could have been great had the publisher maybe given some extra months in Alpha/Beta, but we all know how that goes.
Saturday, June 12, 2010