Beyonce: Diva Dance
This is the early drafts of a game design document I was working on with Sensory Sweep. The game never saw the light of day, but all of the organization and 90% of the writing on this document are from me. This game was designed by myself and a single fellow designer (Steve Merka). We were very excited about this title, and thought we had a good thing going. I would love to take this game concept and continue with it by just pulling the Beyonce license off. maybe something to look at for Project Natal??? 

I specifically like all the math involved in the score calculations. It is transparent to the user (intended to be young girls), but uses pretty complex D&D style calculations. The research for this title was really great too! I got to play a bunch of titles I probably never would have sat down with (WeCheer, Boogie Superstar, DDR, etc). I really enjoyed the great brainstorming sessions Steve and I had while fleshing out this game!

Beyonce: Diva Dance Game Design DocumentA948EA0A-2FA1-43C2-B6DE-32CF2F1FD827_files/BeyonceGDD.pdfshapeimage_1_link_0
Game Design Document (Unfinished)