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The Floor is Lava
Game Design Document (Work in Progress)
The Floor is Lava is a game idea that was brainstormed with a friend from a previous game studio. The idea is based on the game you would play as a kid... where you would leap from furniture, to
Family Village Character Editor
Design Document
Family Village was a Facebook game I worked on as a contractor with Alpine Studios. My position was Technical Designer, and my responsibility was to manage the game assets and adjust game balancing.
Michael Phelps: Pool Party
Game Design Document (Unfinished)
I was part of the early production of this game with a team of about 6 designers. The game ended up being cancelled for financial reasons (trend of the industry at the time). It was set to be a
Beyonce: Diva Dance
Game Design Document (Unfinished)
This is the early drafts of a game design document I was working on with Sensory Sweep. The game never saw the light of day, but all of the organization and 90% of the writing on this document are
Flying Tigers
Pitch Document
Flying Tigers was an dogfighting MMO that I worked on the pitch for while at Sensory Sweep. I did this pitch with a team of 4 other designers and was in charge of writing, layout, and presentation.
Kamen Riders
Pitch Document
Kamen Riders is a franchise very similar to Power Rangers in the US. This was a pitch document I helped with while at Sensory Sweep, It was for a game based on the Kamen Riders movie. This was done
Michael Phelps: Personal Trainer
Pitch Document
This was a pitch I was part of while at Sensory Sweep. I worked on this pitch with two other designers. I did a lot of the writing, while the other two focused on formating and presentation.  The
Scratch Attack
Interface Design Document
Scratch Attack is a student project I undertook. The core game idea was the brain child of Chris Hostetter, but as a team we refined and molded it slightly. This document was created to better
There and Back Again
Design Document
This is an early draft of the Design Doc for Never Winter Nights Mod I thought up. The story focuses on JRR Tolkien’s world of Middle Earth as seen in the book The Hobbit. As a student project this
High Concept Document
This is a very simple High Concept document for an Unreal Mod I was looking to recruit students for. The idea was to get a team together to make a fairly simple mod as a weekend project. The art for
Design documentation is the lifeblood of a project. It is where ideas are molded, and creativity is brewed. In my experience design documents take on a life of their own. As team members contribute, they grow. As ideas develop they gain value. The technical and creative nature of these documents is a great insight to the life of a project, and for this reason I am happy to share the ones I have had part in creating. Remember to view the Archive for the full list.
“Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own”
- Carol Burnett