There and Back Again
There and Back again is a Neverwinter Nights Mod I took on with a group of fellow game design students. The story is set in JRR Tolkiens world of Middle Earth, and is based around the time frame of the book The Hobbit. The game puts your character in a secondary role in which you are following the dwarf party to the Lonely Mountain. You have been hired by the wizard Saruman to keep an eye on Gandalf’s doings. Through the course of the story you are let into certain information that may change the course of Middle Earth’s History. How you use that information is up to you. Each student took a chapter of the story for design. Along with designing the Misty Mountains chapter I was the lead designer and producer for the project. The mod file is available below, along with an early draft of the GDD.
There and Back Again (Neverwinter Nights MOD File)
Lead Designer / Producer