How Many Days
How Many Days is an app for both iOS and Android that I made using the Corona SDK. For this project I served as the Artist, Designer, Programer, Producer, everything... The main purpose of the app was to test the pipeline of mobile device development. From my experience, the first project on any new platform has quite a few hiccups and lessons learned. For that reason I wanted to develop a simple yet fun app to see what some of those release eccentricities were.
The basic design for the app was based on a question my kids ask me daily... How many days until _______??? Instead of trying to do this math in my head, I thought to myself: I am going to make an app for this!
I aimed to make this development process very agile, with playable builds coming every couple weeks. The app started out very simple, then went through a couple rounds of user testing. With each round of testing i asked the users what features would compel them to purchase the app for $1. I then took these lists and worked them into sprints. Some of these features included: Sharing to Facebook, More theme customizations, Ability to change fonts, ability to save multiple events, and the ability to turn on/off the analog and digital clocks. In the end I felt that charging a small fee for the app was a better choice than including ads. Although there is a lot of research saying that the other way around is the best route to make money, I felt that for my purpose of testing the market, the paid app would provide me some more valuable insight. As a user, I also despise ads in apps, so i felt sticking to guns was the right choice.