“One of the best lessons children learn through video games is that standing still will get them killed quicker than anything else”
How Many Days
How Many Days is an app for both iOS and Android that I made using the Corona SDK. For this project I served as the Artist, Designer, Programer, Producer, everything... The main purpose of the app
Sims 3: University Life
Quality Assurance Lead
Sims 3: University Life was the last of three expansion packs I was part of while at EA. For this project I had the role of Quality Assurance Lead for the Sims 3 franchise at EA Salt Lake. I didn’t
Sims 3: Supernatural
Quality Assurance Lead
Sims 3: Supernatural was the second of three expansion packs I was part of while at EA. For this project I had the role of Quality Assurance Lead for the Sims 3 franchise at EA Salt Lake. The great
Sims 3: Showtime
Quality Assurance Lead
Sims 3: Showtime was the first of three expansion packs I was part of while at EA. I was brought on to EA as a contractor, but by the end of this project I had been promoted to the Quality Assurance
Family Village
Technical Designer
Family Village was a Facebook game I worked on as a contractor with Alpine Studios. My position was Technical Designer, and my responsibility was to manage the game assets and adjust game balancing.
Truth or Treason (XBLIG)
Designer, Artist, Programer
Truth or Treason is a game that started as an entry to the 2010 Global Game Jam, a 48 hour game creation festival. When the event was over my team decided to spend a few weeks polishing the project
MLB: The Bigs 2 (DS)
Additional Design
The Bigs 2 is the sequel to 2K Sports hit baseball franchise. I had the opportunity to work on the Nintendo DS version of this title. I came onto the project late (I was just wrapping up Despereaux)
Tale of Despereaux
Level Designer
Tale of Despereaux is a game I worked on at Sensory Sweep Studios. It was made to be released alongside the children’s movie of the same name. It was originally scheduled for release on the Xbox
Rupee Pirate
Gameplay Creator
This game was created with Game Maker. It is obviously based on the original Legend of Zelda (Including using the original art). You work your way through ten rooms trying to collect rupees. This
Gameplay Creator
Taken is a small Neverwinter Nights weekend project I did. I did all of the scripting, design, and world layout for the mod. Your character is transported away to a strange place. After helping a
There and Back Again
Lead Designer / Producer
There and Back again is a Neverwinter Nights Mod I took on with a group of fellow game design students. The story is set in JRR Tolkiens world of Middle Earth, and is based around the time frame of
Video Game Wordsearch
Artist / Content Creator
This game was created in Flash. The Template for the game was created by Jobe Makar. I customized the graphics and content to be a Video Game Wordsearch. The word lists were created using simple XML
Math Buster
A very simple game that was created for my cousin to help her easily study her math. It comes complete with results page that gives a percentage readout. Has a choice between Addition, Subtraction,
Below is a showcase of my work. Some pieces are mine alone, some are products of large teams, but all of them I have put everything I have into at one point. Some games contain playable versions, some even contain the source code. Look through the selection and enjoy what I have to offer. I am always happy to answer questions about any of the projects below. If you have questions about implementation, want to disagree with a design choice, or just want to let me know what you think, your opinion is always welcome in the form of email. Remember to view the Archive for the full list.
- Jinx Milea