Welcome To BretWardle.com “Everyone who has a computer fancies himself a game designer, just as everyone with a guitar wants to be a rock star. There is nothing wrong with that if you remember that success is a long, hard road” - David Crane
I am Bret Wardle, a designer, player, lover, and connoisseur of video games. I love what I do, and cannot envision myself doing anything else in this World. Video game design, to me, is the perfect mix of creativity, sociology, technology, and entertainment. I love the camaraderie a group of friends feel when playing a game together, and I love the feeling you get personally when you reach that WAHOO moment in a game. The thing I love most however is sharing my work, experiences, and art with others so that they can get the same feeling. Feel free to look over the games I have made, the documents and papers I have written, and of course my developer blog. If you have any questions or comments use the link at the bottom of the page to email or contact me.
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