Design in Movie to Game Conversions
In April of 2007 a feature article I wrote was published on the website, a sister site of The article was on the topic of strategies for making successful movie to game conversions. You can download the article in its entirety at the bottom, but below is an excerpt:
As game designers we are constantly faced with constraints to work within. These can be brought about by the genre, the game, and also by the publisher. Some of these constraints are more forgiving than others, but in all cases finding a way to make ideas shine while working within them can be very rewarding.
One constraint that I believe often falls victim to pitfall is movie to game conversions. As a development team you are forced to stay within the realm of the movie, yet make a marketable product. There are some special considerations to take into account when taking on one of these projects.
The pipelines for these projects have become synchronous in the last few years. It used to be that after a movie was released there was a pause for public acceptance before a game was developed. Now the game is released along side the movie in a way to multiply the “Buzz” around the project. The list of recent movie/game combinations released within a month of each other includes: Meet the Robinsons, TMNT, and Spiderman 3. And that’s just a start. Of the 7 major games released on the Nintendo Wii in March of 2007, 3 of them were movie based. Feature Article