Neverwinter Nights Toolset Guide
To help facilitate one of the college course I teach I wrote this guide to help train students in the Aurora toolset. The Aurora toolset is a fantastic editor that comes with the Bioware game Neverwinter Nights. It is very powerful, and a very fun tool for making RPG Mods in that engine. I have greatly enjoyed teaching the toolset to my students through the years. I use to include all of these lessons in my outlines for the course, but it seemed more fitting to compile them into more of a guide setup. This allows the students to have all the Aurora documents in one place, in addition to having a table of contents to reference when going back to review information.
This guide goes step by step in a very straight forward manner through the toolsets features and abilities. It covers topics as simple as installing the game and opening the toolset, to concepts as complex as cut-scene scripting and blueprint creation. All steps are clearly called out, and it includes many pictures to help drive the learning process.
Making this guide available to all seemed like a great decision, and if you download it and go through the tutorials I would love any feedback you have. I will continue to improve the guide with any and all feedback received!
Training Document for the Aurora Toolset